Topsteel is a production and service oriented company in the metal industry

We are specialized within metal production. We mainly do pipe and sheet metal production in mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel, and focus on implementing a high quality in the production.

We work as a traditional supplier of smaller part components, but we also develop more complex products, which requires engineering, sparring, assemble, and testing.

All of our products are developed in collaboration with our customers and their specific demands and requirements for the final product


These are some of the industries we cover. Click on the specific industry, and scroll through the galleries to see examples of the products we make.



Other industries


Topsteel Ltd is a Danish owned organization established in Vietnam in March 2012. We are a supplier of iron, steel and aluminium components for larger products. We work together with other organizations in Vietnam with exciting projects in which our components are involved.

In 2009, the management of Treco A/S visited Vietnam for the first time. Treco A/S is a production and service oriented organization with its speciality in metal components and processing. It was established back in 1992 by Per Therkildsen, Preben Pedersen and Allan Prang. All three owners have an educational background in craftmanship within the metal industry combined with additional techical and theoretic education.

At Treco A/S, the management had a desire to start up a production facility in the East. We had to face the fact that our largest customers moved parts or all of their production to the East. We had to find a solution so we could keep being competitive, both in terms of our products and in the prices for our European customers.

After a thorough analysis of the East, we concluded that Vietnam were the best suitable country for our needs. The quality of the stainless steel production in Vietnam could be improved radically. The analysis also implied that the stainless steel production in Vietnam was growing rapidly. Due to this, and also the possibility to reduce salary levels, we decided to enter Vietnam with the wish to create economic benefit.